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Sportsman's Guide Has Your Jaguar 150 - 175 Lb. Crossbow Available At A Great Price In Our Crossbows Collection.

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Unleash a wicked combo of speed and accuracy with Jaguar's 150-175-lb. Crossbow in your arsenal! This bad boy sends bolts at up to a sizzling 245 F.P.S. to zoom through the trees and nail your target dead center this hunting season.

No matter the outdoor lighting conditions, you'll have a crystal-clear look at the game animal you're after thanks to seven-level brightness adjustment! Plus, there's an included 3 red-dot scope with full windage and elevation adjustment that helps to lock in a precise shot.

You get more than just the crossbow, too! Comes with a quick-detach quiver and is stocked with four crossbow bolts and 150-grain points! 

Get sweet value on a highly-rated Crossbow, right here!

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