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A hot, fully equipped hunting Crossbow that gets results. Premium American-made and ready to rock. The key here is the Reverse Draw design, pulling the string into the curve of the limbs instead of away for a stronger, more precise power stroke.

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Feast your eyes on this Barnett Vengeance Crossbow.

It’s a powerful hunter…delivering 365 feet per second of speed from an 18” power stroke.

Crossbow utilizes a Reverse Draw design which pulls the string into the curve of the limbs, instead of away like on other models. 

The result is only a 22” wide unit with strong, precise sizzle.

Ready. Aim. FIRE…at the squeeze of the trigger!

Reloading a bolt is simple, thanks to a steel foot stirrup, and included rope cocking device.

Of course, the 3-bolt quiver is easily detachable.

Even has a flip-down forward handle for steady-eddie shooting.

Eyeball the 3x32 millimeter scope and be prepared for dead-on accuracy.

Make the shot that counts…order yours today!

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