Video: 226218 -Mr. Christmas® Tabletop Harmonique Gramophone

A beautiful piece! Gramophones date back to the 1920s... they're truly a blast from the past. This particular reproduction model plays 12 Christmas classics, each one from a spinning disc of RFID (rad

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The Mr. Christmas Harmonique Gramophone Music Box will charm and delight all your holiday guests!

Styled after an antique record player, this beautifully-detailed display piece is anything but old-fashioned. When you place any one of the twelve interchangeable LP-shaped discs on the turntable, you'll hear a different holiday classic - just like magic! Each disc contains special electronics that play your yuletide favorites with faithful reproduction, and crystal-clear digital sound. 

Built-in volume control sets the level of the music, and the on-board storage beneath the turntable holds the whole collection of seasonal standards. 

Order your Mr. Christmas Gramophone today, and fill your home with timeless tunes this holiday season!   

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