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Sportsman's Guide Has Your Log 6 Ozone Generator Available At A Great Price In Our Accessories Collection.

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Crush unwanted scent this hunting season with the Log 6 Ozone Generator! It produces the same molecules found in Earth's atmosphere, and actually destroys odor-causing bacteria so you won't scare away game animals! 


Setup takes mere minutes… just drill a hole in a plastic tote, hook up the hose, and start the smell-smashing process! Works just as well in a truck cab or other enclosed spaces, up to 300 square feet! 


It's not just for hunters, either! Toss in your gym bag, athletic equipment, tennis shoes and anything else that needs a fresh start!


Never waste another dime on masking sprays or scent-killing soaps again… this Log 6 innovation is the real deal! Order today!

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